101 Perfect Christmas Cookies

This Christmas cookie book was another fun book cover design that I got to do while interning at Cider Mill Press, I was given some ideas on which design path I should take but I was given the chance to put my own twist on it as well. This background image that was used gives the cover a rustic homey feel and that is what I love about this design. This book was designed with Cracker Barrel in mind so that is what also contributed to the background image for the homey design.

The Super Spook-Tacular Jack-O-Lantern

This pumpkin carving book is another book that I was given the opportunity to design myself from scratch. The plan for this book is to have it be like an activity book where you can rip out stencils to put on your pumpkins to carve out cool designs. I had a lot of fun looking up cool images of different ways to decorate/carve a pumpkin for Halloween. Using the pattern band added a little textured element to the design.

Dinosaur Lover's Cookie Kit

This book cover is one of the first book covers that I got to design while interning at Cider Mill Press Publishing Company. I was given an idea of what they were looking for when it came to a design concept and I ran with it. This book is going to be a baking book for dinosaur shaped cookies which will be sold as a kit containing some Dinosaur shaped cookie cutters. Shelby the in-house designer actually took the background image while bakingcookies, we came up with a fun design that involved real photography to give it that homey feel.

Press Release

These press releases were given to me to work on while interning, they contain information on each book that is in the process of being published. It also has the ISBN along with the US prices and Canadian prices and when it will be available. These came with templates so there wasn't a whole lot of designing that went into it besides inserting the information and the book cover. 

Sell Sheets

During my internship at Cider Mill Press Publishing Company located in Kennebunkport, Maine. I was given the opportunity to create some sell sheets for their books that are either already published or are in the process of possibly being published in the future. These sell sheets contain information on what each book will be about, where the customers can buy the books and when they get released. There were templates to follow with all the information and the book cover image to be placed in the correct spot.

Portland Maine Tourism Magazine

This project was done in Advanced Print class, we were asked to pick a city out of 6 listed to do a tourism guide on. The city I chose was Portland, Maine. All the photos are original and I stuck with the blue color scheme to go along with the oceany vibe that I was going for in the design.


Senior Award Posters

In my sophomore portfolio class we were assigned to create four posters for the senior awards that were taking place at the end of the year. Each poster was for a different college within Johnson & Wales University. Those four colleges were the School of Engineering & Design, College of Culinary Arts,  Hospitaliy College, and College of Business/School of Arts & Sciences. We were given the awards, colors, dates/ locations and the JWU logos to use throughout our four posters. I am happy with how my design came out and like how I used the school colors and the fonts and types that I used for each poster. Each one came out great and I am big on my simple but creative designs.

"Buy Experiences, not things" Editorial spread

In my senior portfolio class we were assigned a project where we had to conceptualize and design an editorial spread from an article that we choose from a list of different options. I chose an article called “Buy Experiences, Not Things” so I went with the idea of how people should buy their experiences through life instead of buying things all the time. I went with a black and white theme and chose two colors that contrasted each other and made certain areas pop out more than others. All images are originally photos taken in Boston while I was exploring Newbury St.

Bonfire Restaurant Rebrand Design

This project was done in my Intermediate Print class and we had to take an existing restaurant or food truck and either rebrand it or we could create a new one ourselves. I chose a bar that already exists and created menus for a restaurant part of the bar. I wanted to stick to a country feel for my design and thats why I stuck with browns, reds, yellows, and orange for my color scheme to complete the whole design aspect.

Design Culture Now Poster Design

This information poster was created in my Typography and Spatial Design class freshman year at Johnson &  Wales University. We were asked to create a poster that contain four different designers with their names and a short bio about them. The “Design Culture Now” was an event that took place in New York City and had different dates where each designer was going to be making an appearance. For this poster we had to use different srifs and font sizes for a design aspect and I am happy with the choices I made for this simple design poster.

Popcorn Project

This project was created in my advanced print class, we were in charge of conceptualizing and branding a popcorn company. I wanted to do something different with mine and create a popcorn company that makes different popcorn mixes that go along with each holiday. I wanted to incorporate each holiday themed colors throughout each container label design.

Hockey Mini-Zine

This mini-zine was created in my Print Design class my sophomore year at
Johnson & Wales University. We had to create a mini magazine of anything we wanted and I chose Ice Hockey. We had to use our own photography instead of images from Google so I decided that since I played Ice Hockey for three years in high school I would do a magazine on Hockey because I knew I had photographs of me playing! I did a page about my high schools girls hockey team and then a page about the USA Woman's Team and used some of their nice pictures from the USA Woman's website. I really like how it all came out in the end and love how brightly colored it is throughout the whole magazine, It really captures the viewers attention!

Tornado Infographic

This project was completed in my Intermediate Print class based on an infographic that was all about Tornadoes and facts about them.  We had to do some research and pick a theme that goes a long with each fact that is listed. I wanted to use both Typography and a few images to illustrate what each fact was a bout. I kept with the same color scheme throughout because I thought it went nice together.

St. Patrick Ministries Client Project

During my Design Team Solutions Team 2 we were giving clients to work with and my groups job was to create a new logo for St. Patrick Church Outreach Ministries along with Thank You card design, Letter Head and a Donate Card. My logo design was chosen to be used and is located on their website. I stuck to the clients color scheme which was the dark green color with the contrasting blue color. I collaborated together both the shamrock and a cross that both have meaning to this client.

Neenah Paper Sample Book

This project was created in my print production class, we had to choose a paper line that interested us and we were asked to conceptualize and design our own paper sample book for that specific paper line. We were asked to use our own images so I went in a floral direction using my own photography for the pages.

2014 Calendar

My 2014 calendar was created in my print design class my sophomore year at Johnson & Wales University. We had to make a 2014 calendar and we could design it however we wanted. I went with a more simple design constructed in a circular design to be more unique. I decided to use a different color that went along with every month. This calendar was created for use on a desk or table around an office or home to show the months of the year.