Disney Wayfinding App

This project was done in my intermediate print class, we were asked to pick a place and create an app or website and design wayfinding to help people get around. I chose Disney World, and I created an App that was designed to make someones trip much easier and they can find everything they need on this app. I also picked three different rides to create wayfinding for so that you can see what ride it is and each icon and color goes along with that specific ride.

Ramble On Tours

I worked on this project during my Advanced Client Side Development class, we had to conceptualize and create this website for a made up non profit organization that travels around to different places and helps out needy people. We didn’t have to go over board with design, so this is just a simple one page design for a potential website for this cause. For the app design, I wanted to keep it simple and have those squares as icons to click and find more information on the organization and what they are all about.